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The M16C is a 2-seat tandem Gyroplane.  It is ideal both as a touring Gyroplane and a trainer Gyroplane as it has flying controls available from both seats.  The pilot sits in the front seat and the passenger (or instructor) sits in the rear seat.

The M16C Gyroplane has the longest pedigree of any factory built Gyroplane, anywhere in the world.  It's predecessor, the VPM M16 Tandem trainer dates back almost 20 years.  This means that the model available today has had all the quirks and tweaks of development of any new product all removed.

It has the following specification:


 Empty Weight:285kg 
 Maximum all up weight (MAUW):500kg 
 Maximum speed:100mph
 Cruising speed:90mph
 Maximum height:10,500ft 
 Take off distance:30-300m
 Landing distance:0-30m 
 Rate of climb at MAUW:625fpm
 Tank capacity:71lts 
 Usable fuel:69lts 
 Rotor diameter:8.53m / 28ft 
 Propeller diameter:1.7m

The M16C is powered by the Rotax 914 Turbo engine.

Ex Factory base price : 61,000 Euro

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 The M16C Tandem Training Gyroplane

The M16 Outside  The M16 cockpit M16 Group